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Walt Jones completed his real estate license in 1985 and his Brokerís license in 1986.† He started his own company in the late 80ís in Crescent Hill and has been involved with the redevelopment of Frankfort Avenue since 1987.† As a past president (2x) and a founder of the Frankfort Avenue Business Association, he was instrumental in promoting the street as Historic Frankfort Avenue and encouraging the use and renovation of Frankfort Avenue projects such as the Hair by Bennie Salon, (now House of Hue), Ramiros Cantina, and the Morning Fork/Fork and Barrel building (formerly North End Cafe) give him a working and encyclopedic knowledge of what it takes to get a building developed, from idea to operational.†

He has been involved in the Crescent Hill and Clifton communities since moving onto Frankfort Avenue in the late 1980ís. His expertise in the renovating of Historic Properties and involvement in the development of Frankfort Avenue make him an asset in an kind of commercial development project.† He also has a boundless photographic memory of the ever changing laws and regulations that govern residential property sales.† He expects his agents to follow his example by pledging honesty, fairness and integrity coupled with an intelligent laid back style that makes him a pleasure to work with.